Kim kardashian christian louboutin mens sneakers dishes on christian louboutin shoes Kim kardashian has so many christian louboutin shoes that if she wore each christian louboutin shoes uk store pair twice, she would have more than enough for an entire year.While the world knows a lot about the reality star, there is a new fact released on monday that might have everyone thinking kim kardashian is extravagant. The l'uomo vogue's july/august issue dishes about kim kardashian and the star is on the front cover.While most of the details are things american's already know about the famous reality star who got her start in the business by a sexy tape, some might not know that kim kardashian has a fashion crush on christian louboutin shoes.According to the star she has hundreds of pairs of the famous christian louboutin wedding shoes uk designer. "I have a collection of 224 pairs of louboutins,"Kim kardashian tells l'uomo vogue readers.The quantity of shoes the reality star is describing would mean a large walk in closet would be completely covered in shelves of shoes and there still might not be enough room. As fans already know, kim kardashian doesn't always wear christian louboutin shoes as she is seen on the town quite a bit, but that doesn't means she won't be purchasing more as she has a collection! christian louboutin mens boots .

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